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lookdev| lighting| compositing| 3d generalist

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Hi I am a  CG Supervisor / Sr. 3D Generalist / Visual Designer / Lookdev & Lighting TD with 15+ years of experience. Strong knowledge in all aspects of 3D content creation & Visual Design. Ability to quickly learn and adapt to new tools. Significant successful experience in 3D, Visual Effects, Graphic and web design. Versatile and innovative self- starter who works well with Creative, Marketing and Business Team.

I build clean, appealing, and creative works which comply with the latest standards. But that's just a part of it. To be creative, is my life. It's something I do before going to bed, and something I can't wait to do in the mornings. Without it, my world would be black and white".

I work with Maya, Unreal, Arnold, Nuke, Nuke Studio, Photoshop, illustrator, After Effects & Fusion.

azhagu raj pandian

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